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Menu was set up in 2010 to bridge the gap between the high-end music and arts publications, and quick, accessible online information. Part magazine, part guide and focused on video, is a an experimentation into the new forms of journalism starting to be embraced by the traditional press. The website is aimed at demystifying the arts scene in the North East – helping people understand creativity in the region isn’t for ‘those kinds’, but something that can be of value to all.

And now, thankfully, we have now aiming to become a monthly music and arts magazine for the North East. We are building up a reputation for knowledgeable and high quality content. Focusing heavily on the local scene and championing creative businesses in the North East, NARC. is the first stop for all things musical in the region. Fresh and unique to the area in format, content and aesthetic, we prides ourselves as an occasionally alternative, but always interesting and informative, angle. Our readers are switched-on, socially aware and hungry for information.

We offer something a website can never do – the chance to sit down, have a brew, and take your time reading the ins-n-outs of the North East creative culture. For more information, try our contact form.

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