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The future of the art

The future is expected to bring monumental changes in the art and its business; we can expect to have more interesting things than we ever had. Since the end of so famous directions in the art, the art itself has been wandering a bit. With the innovation of new technologies, its concept has become mixed. The art we once imagined will seize to exist. New trends will play a big role, and in some way, they will determine the direction of the art. Out of all artist, we have around the world, maybe one or two will end up in history books. The main reason for such action is that trends will be shorter and shifts swifter. And the artists won’t have time to express themselves.

The paintings will return

Paintings haven’t been so popular lately, especially if we are talking about museums and galleries. The art collectors will likely revive the paintings and bring back its popularity. Most likely in the future, this will become one of the most popular mediums. People will start to see the difference and start seeing the hidden messages and meanings. Under the influence of this trend critics, painters, and museums will be forced to return to painting.

The art before 20th century will come back

The art before 20th century will come backThese trends will slowly come back on the art scene, followed with some classical forms. This now might seem as outdated and antique, put artist will tend to find inspirations in old times. The modern world will become too simple and plastic for them. They will seek for something that has more meaning, something that has structure and form.

Gallery business will become more modern

Some of the outdated concepts that were rooted in gallery business will soon disappear. Galleries will need to become sophisticated and luxury places. The artist will also have major advantages from these changes. Galleries will have to stop producing exclusively clauses that can be found in their contracts. The artist will have more freedom. This trend already started on the Asian market.

Small galleries will disappear

This new age will be the age of large galleries and small ones which have specialized purpose. Galleries will have to make a major decision and go through under the huge process of reorganization. Whether they will decide to become large retailers, like Harrods, of they will become specialized selling shops. They will have two purposes, one: they will attract a large group of people, or they will become a specialist in only one niche. The one who does this job out of a hobby will soon stop to exist.

Photography and printmaking will become popular

Photography and printmaking will become popular

Considering that a lot of armature artists have become so popular using a printmaking and photography, we can expect popularization of this art. Artists won’t spend too much time in making the art, but they will chase the right moment to take a picture. New forms and creations will appear. And they will be able to find the inspiration in almost anything.

Creating art under the influence of drugs

We are all aware that drugs have a powerful effect on human body. It causes hallucinations, sense of freedom, carefree feeling and out of the world experience. But, what happens when we connect art with narcotics. Based on some testimonies, whether they were urban legends or real life events, all the great artist used drugs to create their masterpieces. We have famous poet Edgar Alan Po, one of the representatives of symbolism, who used narcotics to write his best songs. Also, it is believed that Oscar Wild, while he wrote the Picture of Dorian Grey used narcotics. As we can see, narcotics have been present in the art for a long time, and many famous artists enjoyed in it.

Presence of drugs in modern art

We all hate when singers write songs about the drugs, the music industry is crowded with these type of songs. Still, we don’t expect that fascinations with drugs suddenly stops. The musicians, artist, painters will still indulge in them. But, what happens with their brain. Simply, if you don’t have an artistic side in you, you won’t be able to create art, no matter how much drugs you use.

Anthony KiedisExperts think that artists have one major problem when making the art and that’s creativity. They are under the constant pressure to create something new, original and never seen before. When creativity stops, that’s when problems begin. They are under the influence that drugs help them make better songs, better pieces, and better sculpture. In some way, this can be true because the brain is the powerful tool!

Remembering the front men of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis, in his autobiography, he said he wrote almost every song under the influence of drugs. That actually might be true, when you read the lyrics, they don’t have some special meaning, but they are catchy, and the melody is outstanding.

Various drugs influence differently on the brain

Depending on the drugs, they cause different behavior and different feeling. For example, LSD activates serotonin receptors better than serotonin itself. Connecting two barriers in the brain that aren’t usually connected. It causes a mixture of senses, increases creativity and the artist’s brain become more aware of his surroundings. They can find the inspirations in almost anything. Online you can find a process of making pictures of the artist who took some substance. Everything starts like a scrambling mess but ends like a masterpiece.

Electric East – restaurant review

Nearly six years ago Electric East emerged on New Castel’s market like the phoenix from the ashes. It is something new and refusing, offering dishes from the Asia. This restaurant experiments with different types of cousins and spices. On their website, you can find a variety of dishes from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. How big their success has become shows the fact that they have managed to land on Michelin guide.


When you first enter the restaurant, you will see the long room with communal tables and benches. Typical Asian style, with a lot of posters and ornaments. The colors are vivid and bright; it gives away positive vibes. The style doesn’t have a lot of in common with the name, but definitely, can pass as a cheerful office party.


PersonnelThe waitresses are very efficient and accommodating. Once we took our places, she brought us a menu and asked for refreshments. I hate when personnel is nagging and standing there while costumers decide. Well, I like to take my time to think. We didn’t have that kind of troubles here. Once we decided what we are going to order, it took them 15 to 20 minutes to prepare. Which is a reasonable time and I was pleasantly surprised because I’ve expected more? What I liked about this place is that everyone is smiling. They have given me positive vibes.


Considering the food, it’s not something that we haven’t seen before, but what’s different is the preparation. I think this is one of the best lunches that I had and I felt sorry to eat because of the decoration and arrangement. You can say, that is Electric. The food is tasty; I have noticed they like to experiment with the spices. The vegetables are so crispy, but still well cooked. The first thought that crossed my mind is how they have made that. I enjoyed my lunch here.



They have a variety of prices, depending on which meal you order. But, there is something for every pocket. Of course, If you want to order something more decadent, like a lobster, you will have to pay more money. But, considering regular meals, this restaurant is very affordable. What I liked about this restaurant is that you don’t have to order the whole three – course lunch, you can just order soup and go away, no one is going to look you funny.