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Creating Art Under The Influence Of Drugs

Creating art under the influence of drugs – is that possible?

We are all aware that drugs have a powerful effect on human body. It causes hallucinations, sense of freedom, carefree feeling and out of the world experience. But, what happens when we connect art with narcotics. Based on some testimonies, whether they were urban legends or real life events, all the great artist used drugs to create their masterpieces. We have famous poet Edgar Alan Po, one of the representatives of symbolism, who used narcotics to write his best songs. Also, it is believed that Oscar Wild, while he wrote the Picture of Dorian Grey used narcotics. As we can see, narcotics have been present in the art for a long time, and many famous artists enjoyed in it.

Presence of drugs in modern art

We all hate when singers write songs about the drugs, the music industry is crowded with these type of songs. Still, we don’t expect that fascinations with drugs suddenly stops. The musicians, artist, painters will still indulge in them. But, what happens with their brain. Simply, if you don’t have an artistic side in you, you won’t be able to create art, no matter how much drugs you use.

Anthony KiedisExperts think that artists have one major problem when making the art and that’s creativity. They are under the constant pressure to create something new, original and never seen before. When creativity stops, that’s when problems begin. They are under the influence that drugs help them make better songs, better pieces, and better sculpture. In some way, this can be true because the brain is the powerful tool!

Remembering the front men of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis, in his autobiography, he said he wrote almost every song under the influence of drugs. That actually might be true, when you read the lyrics, they don’t have some special meaning, but they are catchy, and the melody is outstanding.

Various drugs influence differently on the brain

Depending on the drugs, they cause different behavior and different feeling. For example, LSD activates serotonin receptors better than serotonin itself. Connecting two barriers in the brain that aren’t usually connected. It causes a mixture of senses, increases creativity and the artist’s brain become more aware of his surroundings. They can find the inspirations in almost anything. Online you can find a process of making pictures of the artist who took some substance. Everything starts like a scrambling mess but ends like a masterpiece.

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