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Young Man Is Working On A Computer With A Mock-up Green Screen. Shot On RED Cinema Camera In 4K (UHD).

Green Screen Videos- How Does It Work?

Using green screens has become very common today in video production. From the normal Youtube channels to eminent video producing companies like Independent Media Productions, everyone is using a green screen to make videos.  We cannot deny the fact green screens have made the video production very easy. With green screens, people are able to experience a lot of incredible things.

Today audiences are able to witness some unbelievable things like people flying on dragons and a lot of other things. These are all possible because of the use of green mats. In this article, we will see in detail the working of green screens.

The working

Green screen is one of the most important parts of the process called the Chromakey. Chromakey is the process of allowing the video producers to impose any kind of subject into the video in the virtual background, through advanced techniques. This procedure involves digital processing, which gives the editor a stable platform in which the background is removed easily. There is some special software that is specifically designed for this purpose.

Chromakeying is also called as color keying. It is the process through which a particular color is singled out in an image or a video. The software is used to make videos and images transparent. With the transparent image or video, any kind of animation can be added to it. By using this technique, anything can be done in a believable way.

Why green?

This is one of the questions that have been lingering in the minds of the people for a long time since they came to know about the green mat screens. Green is generally used because it is easy for the camera to pick up the color. It is easy for the camera to pick up because of the colour contrast. It would also make the job of the editor a bit easier. Other than green, there are certain instances where blue is also used in the process.

The sensors in the latest cameras easily identify the color, and they are more sensitive towards it. It also requires less light and can easily illuminate and give a bright environment. The blue screens are used if the object needs to wear some light color costume. The best way to choose the color is to go for the one that will not be appearing in the screen anywhere.

Tips for using green screen

Avoid shadows

One of the important things that you need to follow while using green screens is to avoid shadows while shooting the videos.

Ensure flat screen surface

It is mandatory for the screen to be flat without any wrinkles. With wrinkles, it would be difficult to remove the color and impose the needed effects.

Turn of sharpening feature

While shooting the video, make it a point to turn off the image sharpening feature. It is because shiny things like glass might pick the color and hence there are possibilities that it might get lost during editing.

Watch for reflections

It is better to avoid as many reflections as possible. As mentioned earlier, shiny things tend to pick the color, and hence, it will be difficult to correct them while editing. In these situations, it is better to use a blue screen, or you can throw a magenta gel on the backlight.

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